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What Are The Places To Pay Attention To During The Construction Of Wood Plastic Guardrails?
- Dec 11, 2017 -

What are the places to pay attention to during the construction of WPC Fencing?

Wood plastic materials are widely used in our lives because of the dual advantages of wood and plastics. What should be the main thing when installing the construction.

The 1. part handrail can be installed on the ground at the same time, the installation should pay attention to protect the surface of the wood plastic material will not be scratched.

2. installation should ensure the beauty of the strength under the condition of ensuring the strength, and pay attention to the position of the screw. But we also have to face card main handrail installation should pay attention to appearance, try not to screw holes exposed.

3. for the required arcs of handrail, need to calculate the angle of tenon. At the same time to consider the characteristics of wood tenon thermal expansion and contraction, leaving room for Quan expansion activities. Then install the hat to use glue to fix Quan. But for the requirements of the Chizhou arc handrail should pay attention to Quan symmetry transition.

The 4. pillars and the road surface can be used when installing steel embedded in concrete columns with steel plate at the bottom inside, embedded steel plate welding or bolt Quan.

5. the pattern of the WPC Fencing, the specifications of the selected sections and the span of the wood plastic baluster should be closely matched. When the total length of handrail is greater than 300 meters to the construction of column Quan considering deformation transition.

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