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Wall Panels Environmental Protection, Health, Safety, Low Carbon
- Jun 14, 2017 -

Home decoration is every decoration, the home of the most concerned about things, and which part of the wall is undoubtedly the most important, and environmental protection integrated wall is the theme of environmental protection as a wall, so there is a wish you You can join the market prospects of the huge brand. Environmental integration Wall Panels joining is also very simple, no need you how rich home improvement knowledge, as long as you have enough confidence, there is business.

Integrated wall with its environmental protection, insulation, noise and other functions, and fashion, grade, high life, easy to install, easy to clean the construction characteristics, a comprehensive lead the domestic decoration industry trend. Integrated wall to carbon fiber used in the integrated wall industry, combined with their own core technology, with a new model, the new concept of carbon fiber products for us to bring new environmental protection, health, safety, low carbon.

Integrated Wall Panels products with ultra-high simulation of the wood grain, stone pattern, wallpaper and other color effects, is the traditional decorative materials to consumers satisfied with the alternatives, more pollution-free, high life, thermal insulation, moisture-proof fire, easy to install easy Scrub, save time and efficient, stylish and beautiful, recyclable and other characteristics, once listed, it caused a scrambling to buy the boom.

 Environmental protection integration is very simple, we have a free exhibition hall design and exhibition decoration construction guide, for the agency's exhibition hall to provide professional store planning, before the opening will have all aspects of training, quickly improve the wall board expertise, sales ability, etc. , Will also help agents to plan to develop a detailed opening plan.

Through the above we have joined the environmental protection integrated Wall Panels more introduction, I believe you have no doubts. Then quickly contact us, join our environmentally friendly integrated decoration it. We will also provide you with a series of shop guidance, technical support, free training, etc., must ensure that you are full of money, business is booming.

1, relative to the ordinary decorative materials: the construction of convenient, ordinary carpentry can be easy to use ordinary tools, in the cost of artificial pavement is only a quarter of the cost of commonly used decorative materials construction.

2, environmental health: compared to other decorative materials on the market, "砳 Chang patent integrated Wall Panels" does not contain formaldehyde, asbestos, benzene and other harmful substances, and the installation of accessories only gas nail gun can be constructed, but also put an end to the traditional accessories Bring the pollution fun harm, whether it is in the living room, bedroom or children's room, can be assured to use.

3, decorative: integrated wall board Begonia corner of the custom width so that the interior is no longer just a simple plane, the owner can customize the size of their own regulation plate, from the visual and sensory greatly improve the level of the indoor space.

4, rich colors DIY: compared to other decorative materials on the market color single, 砳 Chang patented wall panels rich in color, including marble patterns, wood, embroidery, jade, flowers and birds painting, landscape, flowers, ice crack, calligraphy And so on hundreds of series of colors.