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Ten Major Events In The Flooring Industry In 2017(三)
- Dec 21, 2017 -

6, key words: Environmental storm shutdown

Events: in the second half of 2017, especially since August, environmental storms swept across the country's manufacturing industry, and a large number of factories were asked to shut down or rectify and rectify. In China's wood flooring capital -- Nanxun, Zhejiang, only the first batch of flooring factories that had been reformed according to national requirements reached 468, and the small workshop factories that were not in the rectification program were shut down.

Comments: under the environmental protection red line's measurement, either reaching the standard or eliminating it, vigorously improving cleaner production and green production capacity will become the sole survival rule of flooring enterprises. This policy factor, in the macro level will effectively promote the survival of the survival of the fittest, the process of brand concentration, to help the floor industry as soon as possible to standardize.

7, key words: PVC change

Event: in recent years, the PVC floor has been growing rapidly. Especially since 2017, the PVC flooring of its own brand has gradually replaced the import brand, playing an important role in the domestic market. In October 26, 2017, in Jiangsu Danyang group held a conference to join the PVC material listed, the industry giants, indicates that it will accelerate the transformation.

Ten major events of the year of the floor industry

Comment: waterproof, anti-skid, super strong wear and flexibility. Compared with the intensive floor which occupies half of the floor industry, the function of PVC floor is much better than before. The rise of domestic PVC brand, at the same time to the standard foreign brands, is bound to also have the same place in the low end of the strengthened floor share to have a strong preemptive effect.

8, key words: import below

Event: as an annual hot spot with the real wood geothermal floor, the import brand floor began to force obviously in 2016, selling the first over ten million square meters. In 2017, the number of import brands of domestic agents increased rapidly, and the channels began to lay out. The trend of sinking two or three line market gradually appeared. The annual sales volume is expected to be close to 15 million square meters.

Comments: the import floor with the advantages of color design, as well as the psychological identity of the public for the quality of imported products, has made great progress in recent years. However, in a sharp rise in sales at the same time, with the internal competition, sinking channels and brand dropping, "100 yuan products" began to appear, the import floor worth "super" status will also enter the downstream channel.

9, key words: Double 11 new retail

Event: 2017 double 11 period, Tmall floor category winners were nature's official flagship store, Dekor official flagship store, Del floor flagship store. Among them, nature's official flagship shop, double 11, reached 229 million yuan, and the top of this year's double 11 Tmall flooring category.

Flooring annual inventory

Comment: the essence of the electric business is the platform, the channel and the tool of sale. This idea has already become the common understanding of the floor industry. So this year, when nature breaks the record again, the biggest point is not 229 million data, but to open up online and offline stores, and push forward the new retail mode of online, offline, interoperability and mutual complementarity.

10, key words: Patent Innovation

Event: December 12, 2017, the State Intellectual Property Bureau released the nineteenth China patent award results in the flooring industry, large and with four layers respectively, wood composite geothermal floor and its production process, solid wood flooring is applied to geothermal environment and solid wood flooring structure "patent, was awarded the" China patent award respectively ".

Comments: the floor industry was once seen as a lack of innovation. But the fact that the two companies won the highest award in the patent field of "China Patent Award" has effectively broken the stereotype. Moreover, the two patents belong to the technology of geothermal floor, which is not a coincidence, but a strong proof of the tilt of the flooring industry to geothermal floor products and technology resources.