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Select The Wood Plastic Floor Do Not Enter What Errors? (three)
- Jan 10, 2018 -

Select the wood plastic floor Do not enter what errors? (three)

Misunderstandings five: trafficking and laying off between the two

Like high quality solid wood flooring and solid wood flooring products, manufacturers usually have professional pavement teams or professional pavement guides, guaranteeing the production of paving products. If consumers encounter trafficking and the pavement is not uniform units, it is necessary to improve the warning, once after problems, is probably caused by the two party mutual shirk environment, causing consumers to feel miserable. As a result, consumers should try to trade with paving.

Misunderstandings six: seeking plain board and refusing to buy lacquer board

Some consumers may think that the board is the wood flooring and genuine goods at a fair price, cheap price, and has expensive paint can save a temporary department processing fee, but I do not know about the floor caused by contaminated paint itself, the paint quality cannot be guaranteed and so on; and the paint board is manufacturers through the machine, high automation production line at work, greatly to eliminate the pollution, making the product more environmentally friendly.

Misunderstanding seven: too much looking for the same texture

Wood floor is natural wood, because the trees planted, the difference between sunlight and other factors difference, its wood luster is not the same. The other is the cut wood plate uniform section, because the position difference section saw, color depth, wood texture is not identical, there are signs of color and markings so imbalanced the wood flooring objectively, it is a natural phenomenon, do not be too demanding the same color.

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