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Select The Wood Plastic Floor Do Not Enter What Errors? (two)
- Jan 10, 2018 -

Select the wood plastic floor Do not enter what errors? (two)

Misunderstandings three: do not pay attention to the same maintenance

Some consumers think that the wood plastic floor does not need to be overly maintained, mops directly to the floor with mops, or drips water on the heating center. Using the wood floor, we must regularly adjust the floor according to the requirements of the manufacturer.

Misunderstandings four: wood plastic floor is not environmental protection

Some consumers believe that the natural wood contains a positive amount of formaldehyde, plus a multi-layer bonding between the wood skin, and the formaldehyde content in oak solid wood flooring is high, which is not environmentally friendly. In reality, the formaldehyde release quantity of wood plastic floor can be used as long as it is controlled in the category of national scale.

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