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Select The Wood Plastic Floor Do Not Enter What Errors?
- Jan 10, 2018 -

Select the wood plastic floor Do not enter what errors?

Misunderstandings 1: add large core board when the wood plastic floor is laid

Some consumers to pursue too much on the keel Jiaogan, paving a layer of big core board. In reality, the quality of the large core plate is very different, and the quality of the wood plastic floor board will be affected by the inferior and large core board. Therefore, if consumers seek high foot feeling, we must choose the famous Daxinban products sold on the market.

Misunderstanding two: wood plastic floor only heavy purchase not heavy paving

Wood floors directly sticking method, suspension laid keel laid thoughts, ideas, no matter what the idea must accept shop, choose good construction team, adhere to the "six shop", namely wet wall leakage, the ground does not dry, not the whole unyielding shop; confused construction shop; use inferior accessories shop; time too fast unable to implement process, product quality problems have spread; invention shop; absolute flat color shop requirements.

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