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Plastic Wood Composites Add Charm To Architectural Decoration
- Sep 24, 2018 -

Wood plastic composites are widely used in interior and exterior decoration of buildings, such as decorative columns, partition panels, interior and exterior wall decoration panels, ceiling decoration, corner lines, curtain boxes, door and window covers, floors, fences, kickboards, art boards, shutters, sunshades, frames, photo frames, window frames and doorway decoration materials, most of which are interior decorative materials. External decorative building materials can be made of PVC, PE and other wood plastic composites, which have begun to develop rapidly in China.

In particular, in addition to bringing fire hazards, decorative materials made from logs are also prone to mildew and worms. PVC wood composite products, especially co-extrusion products, completely overcome the shortcomings of logs, make up for the shortcomings of logs, and retain the unique wood texture of the logs. Plastic-wood composites also have waterproof and fire-proof functions, so they can also be used in kitchens, toilets and other indoor high humidity areas of decoration. At the same time, PVC wood plastic composites can produce wood-like products of different grades, specifications and colors according to different wood species and colors. PVC plastic wood composites at home and abroad are developing faster in the field of building decoration.

Making indoor and outdoor decoration with PVC wood plastic composite material has the advantages of solemnity, beauty, easy maintenance and no fear of insect moth and ant erosion.

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