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Plastic Composite WPC Deck Floor Color Will Affect People's Visual Effects
- Aug 15, 2017 -

In the home decoration, the Plastic Composite WPC Deck Floor due to beautiful, durable, comfortable and strong, and many consumers love, in the home decoration has become a trend. New house decoration to buy the floor, really pick a nice floor to buy back on the line? That can not Oh, we also take into account their fancy flooring is not and home decoration style, color match. Reminder: according to their own home to the actual situation to buy the right floor.

First, the room lighting

The lighting of the room, it can limit the choice of the floor color range. Good lighting of the room, you can choose a larger range, dark and light can be managed. And the lower floor,Plastic Composite WPC Deck Floor lighting is not full of the room, you have to pay attention to select some of the relatively high brightness, color more suitable for the floor material, and to avoid the use of darker materials as much as possible.

Second, the ground color with

The color of the ground is to bring out the color of the furniture, and the decoration of the ground is a long-term decoration, under normal circumstances will not be frequent replacement,Plastic Composite WPC Deck Floor so we should consider the various factors in the choice of factors. Among them, the earth color, neutral color has always been the mainstream color, but if properly, dark, light can achieve the desired results.

Third, the size of the housing area

We all know that color will affect people's visual effects, warm colors for the expansion of color, cool colors for the contraction color. Therefore,Plastic Composite WPC Deck Floor the small area of the room to choose the dark colors of the cool colors, people will have a large sense of area. If you choose a strong color of the warm floor will make the space even more narrow, increase the sense of oppression. In addition, the choice of floor color, should tend to small texture or ruled effect, to avoid large and chaotic pattern.

Four friends who like white flooring recommend using off-white flooring

Now many families like to use the white floor, hoping to have a quiet home atmosphere. It is necessary to recommend that the best use of gray and so on, relatively light color,Plastic Composite WPC Deck Floor easy to give people a sense of serenity, it will not cause the wall color heavy floor color light "top heavy."

I hope you can according to the actual situation of their own house, selected to the appropriate floor. The United States home to the "gold quality, gold word of mouth,Plastic Composite WPC Deck Floor gold brand," the golden standard, the United States will be deeply integrated into every one of the high level of life requirements of consumers, and strive to promote world-class "people, Omni-directional integration of wood home lifestyle.

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