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Composite Decking The Better The Material, The More Tidy Pattern
- May 17, 2017 -

Currently on the market there are two main types of composite flooring: one is the solid wood composite floor; the other is to strengthen the composite floor. These two types of composite flooring have their own different characteristics, in the use and maintenance requirements are also different.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Composite Decking and Reinforced Composite Flooring

1, Composite Decking

Direct raw materials for the wood, retaining the advantages of natural Composite Decking, texture natural, comfortable feet, but the surface wear resistance in general.

2, strengthen the composite floor

The main raw material for the small diameter wood, wood material. This floor surface is flat, tidy, wear resistance, easy maintenance, but the foot feel hard.

2Composite Decking of the grade distinction

Solid wood composite floor surface of the better material, the more tidy pattern, the smaller the color, the more expensive; the other hand, the worse the tree species, the greater the color, the surface scar more, the lower the price.

3 Composite Decking to buy points

A high-quality composite floor surface is smooth, the color is dim, the variety, the specifications of a single, the opposite moisture-proof balance layer thin.

Second, listen to: high-quality composite flooring and other hard objects with the time, issued a crisp and bright metal sound, and no obvious scratches; poor composite flooring with a key and other hard time, issued a dumb sound, and there are obvious scratches The

Three touch: high-quality composite floor size consistent thickness, two floor splicing seamless, hand touch joints are very smooth; poor quality composite floor size varies, two floor splicing there is a clear gap, hand touch joints have obvious convex sense.

Four smell: As the selection of materials and equipment is not the same, high-quality composite floor environmental pollution-free, rich natural flavor; low-quality composite floor essence is not obvious, and some even contain harmful chemical composition, emitting a pungent smell.

Five asked: the production of high-quality composite flooring enterprises are larger scale, the manufacturer's address, telephone number marked very clearly, after-sales service is perfect, the product of the "Three Guarantees"; low-quality composite floor is not "Three Guarantees".

4 Composite Decking laying and maintenance points

1, the floor should be laid in the late construction, not cross construction. After laying should be polished and painted as soon as possible. So as not to stain the floor or make the damp deformation.

2, the floor should be unpacked before laying the laying of the site 1 to 2 days, to adapt to the environment, so as not to shrink after the laying of deformation.

3, laying should be good moisture control measures, especially the bottom of the more humid occasions. Moisture measures are covered with moisture-proof paint, shop moisture-proof film, the use of bedding Po and so on.

4, the floor should not be too tight shop, Composite Decking should be enough to stretch around the expansion joints (0.5 to 1.2 cm), and should not be wide laying, in case of wider occasions should be separated from the cut, and then pressure copper transition.

5, floor and hall, bathroom, kitchen and other stone ground junction should be a thorough isolation of moisture-proof measures.

6, avoid water rinse, to avoid prolonged sun, air conditioning straight straight blow, the window to prevent rain, to avoid hard objects hit friction. To protect the floor, you can wax on the paint.