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Composite Decking Good Elasticity, Moderate Foot Feeling
- May 11, 2017 -

Wood flooring refers to the floor made of wood, according to the material, can be divided into Composite Decking, laminate flooring and parquet. The following are the same as the ones,

Composite Decking is a natural single wood, so it has a natural texture, foot feel good, adjust the indoor temperature and humidity and other natural wood with the property, giving an elegant, warm natural feeling.

Multi-layer Composite Decking is a single wood board is divided into thin veneer, through the criss-cross the way of reorganization, and then paste the veneer composition. The purpose of doing so is to change the monomer solid wood is inevitably easy to deformation of the shortcomings, both to retain the appearance of the natural properties, but also improve the stability of the product.

Strengthen the floor is the use of high-density fiberboard with decorative paper, wear-resistant paper made of high temperature and high pressure. It color style beyond the natural restrictions, rich and varied, at the same time with wear and tear, easy care, affordable and so on.

1) appearance of the visual: Composite Decking and parquet surface texture, color and color to maintain the natural properties of wood, more natural, giving a soft natural, rich feeling of affinity, very suitable for home use. Strengthen the appearance of the floor depends on the computer simulation of the decorative paper, although you can realistic simulation of wood, embossed and other effects, but there are still some differences between natural wood.

2) Feet comfort: Composite Decking through the natural wood directly after the formation of the work, good elasticity, foot feeling moderate, the best comfort, especially suitable for laying in the bedroom and other environments. Solid wood composite floor with multi-layer veneer bonded, the surface feel close to the solid wood, but also a good sense of foot. Strengthen the core of the core for high-density fiberboard, more blunt, foot feel and comfort slightly worse.

3) stability: the layers of the fiber sheet criss-cross, offset the internal stress of wood, making the floor is not easy to deformation, cracking, floor stability greatly improved. Composite Decking by the wet and dry wood swelling rate and climate impact, stability, slightly worse, and the usual maintenance, such as the existence of arch, cracking and other risks. Strengthen the floor completely broke the original wood organization, destroyed the wood anisotropy and wet expansion and contraction characteristics, the size is very stable, not easily affected by wet and dry conditions, generally applicable to the warm environment.

4) environmental performance: solid wood floor, the lowest formaldehyde. Composite Decking and laminate flooring in the manufacturing process will remain part of formaldehyde, but as long as the formaldehyde control in a certain range, it will not cause harm to the human body.

5) floor maintenance: to strengthen the floor of the wear layer, to improve the floor surface scratch resistance, wear resistance better, and the hardness is high, good impact resistance. While the Composite Decking is best to regularly waxing, essential oils and other maintenance. Composite Decking between the two, wear resistance slightly stronger than the floor, but Composite Decking stability, maintenance is relatively simple. Of course, even the best wood flooring, can not afford to arbitrarily "spoil", usually have to pay attention to avoid exposure, moisture, scrape, etc., to improve the floor life and performance.