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Composite Decking Clean Up Is Very Convenient
- Jun 14, 2017 -

After the laying of Composite Decking, at least to protect the 24 hours before use, otherwise it will affect the use of Composite Decking effect, the general wood floor water resistance is poor, not with a damp cloth or water wipe, so as not to lose luster or deformation. In the future of daily life, we must conservation of Composite Decking, the specific measures are as follows:

1. Solid wood composite flooring paved after a stay in two weeks;

For a long time to live or not often live in the room, should be put in the room a few pots of water and keep the water, or the use of humidifier to make up for the indoor heating and evaporation of water; southern rainy season should be strengthened ventilation; indoor environment not too Dry, do not be too wet, to prevent the solid wood composite floor of the dry, shrink or expansion deformation.

2. Keep the solid wood composite floor dry and clean;

Wipe the Composite Decking with a wiped soft and wet towel. Wipe the Composite Decking in a dry area in the north. Wipe the Composite Decking in a dry season. Do not use a wet mop to rub a Composite Decking or clean it directly with water.

3. In order to maintain the appearance of solid wood composite flooring and extend the paint life;

Every two months to play a wax, waxing before the stains clean, and then evenly coated on the surface layer of solid wood composite floor wax, slightly dry with a soft cloth to wipe until smooth and bright.

4. To prevent strong and lasting sun exposure of Composite Decking;

So that long-term paint in the ultraviolet radiation, early aging, cracking. Avoid the use of household appliances hot and cold wind blowing and baking Composite Decking.

5. To prevent rain soaked Composite Decking, to prevent the balcony, bathroom, kitchen, etc. overflow;

Please turn off the faucet when you are traveling or shutting down, especially in hot water. Therefore, the heating pipe hot water do not vent to the solid wood composite floor, once the time to dry in time.

6. To prevent heavy metal sharp objects, glass tiles, spikes and other hard objects scratching Composite Decking;

Mobile furniture should not be directly in the Composite Decking push and pull, should be lifted and move light. Often moving furniture can be attached to the bottom of a layer of rubber.

7. prohibit the placement of strong acid and strong alkaline substances on Composite Decking;

8. Board accidentally stained should be promptly removed, if the traces of oil can be wiped with a small amount of warm water washing towel scrub;

In the case of a drug or pigment, it must be removed before the stain is dissolved in the wood surface.

9. Special stains clean-up methods are: grease, paint, ink can be used to wipe the special stains;

If it is blood, fruit juice, red wine, beer and other residual stains can be wiped with a wet cloth or wiped with an appropriate amount of detergent to wipe; can not use strong acid and alkali clean wood flooring.