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Decorative Outdoor Wpc Wall Panel

Decorative Outdoor Wpc Wall Panel

water-proof,Anti-UV; Elegant wood-look and touch; No cracking,never splinters; No hazardous chemicals,entirely ecological; More durable & easily installed; Unaffected by parasites;

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Decorative Outdoor Wpc Wall Panel  Characteristics

1. Fire-resistant

2. Water-resistant

3. Impact-resistant

4. Mold-resistant

5. Termite-resistant

6. Sound insulation

7. Thermal insulation

8. Freeze thaw resistance

9. Nontoxic

10. Easy to install

Decorative Outdoor Wpc Wall Panel features:

1. High recyclable, eco-friendly and saves forest resources

2. With appearance of natural wood but less timber problems

3. Moisture resistant/waterproof, less rotten and proven under salt water condition

4. Barefoot-friendly, anti-slip, less cracking and less warping

5. Requires no painting/glue

6. Weather resistant and anti-UV

Decorative Outdoor Wpc Wall Panel  Application

All exterior building cladding wall panel

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